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The Xmarton is a homologated, state-of-the-art, powerful control unit specialising in universal connectivity, low power consumption and high security. Each unit is configured precisely to the particular model of the car in which it will be installed. The unit passed tests at the TÜV SÜD laboratory and was awarded E8 homologation from the Czech Ministry of Transport. This certification means that your car will retain its warranty.
Using the mobile app, you can remotely control electric windows, door and boot locks and warning lights to easily locate your vehicle in a car park. You can also safely immobilise your car and assign rights to other users. Additional features are under development.
Data is transmitted using heavy encryption and asymmetric keys are exchanged using PKCS standards for both network communication and wireless connections. This is a very high form of security.
The Xmarton unit in the car uses the networks of all mobile operators and connects to the strongest available signal in the given country. An internet connection is required for the mobile application, and when a wireless connection is available, communication between the mobile application and the car unit works independently of the mobile network via Bluetooth Low Energy, which places very low demands on your phone's battery.
Permanent roaming, which is provided in the price of the service without a data limit, ensures that Xmarton works anywhere in Europe.
The SIM card in the Xmarton unit is configured to work within the European-wide internal Xmarton network and enables access only in Xmarton systems. Disassembly and removal of the SIM card is not permitted – it is inconsistent with the conditions for handling the device, thereby violating the warranty.

The list of car models in which Xmarton can be installed continues to grow and can be found on our website in Suported vehicles. If you would like to install Xmarton in a car that is not on the list, please contact us using the form on our website.

Installation is performed at our service points. A list of these locations is available on service locations.

It is necessary to reserve 1 day depending on the complexity of installation according to the specific car and the agreement at the service point. Arrange the precise installation at a time convenient for you. 
The unit has e-mark certification (E8) for the entire European Union and has passed testing at the TÜV foreign labs. This certification means that your car will retain its warranty.
The Xmarton unit can be transferred for a fee at our service locations. Once installed, the device is re-configured specifically to your car.
Xmarton runs on smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS.
Yes, up to five drivers can be assigned to one Xmarton unit, and up to five devices can log on to a single account.
Each user connected via Bluetooth is automatically recognised and assigned to the trip. If the user is not connected via Bluetooth, the trip is identified as having an "Unknown Driver". The driver assigned to the trip can only be seen on the website under the "Trip" section. Drivers can be changed in the Trip Log on the website.
Trips started within one hour of the last trip automatically merge when the driver remains the same.
Yes, you can combine the trips on the website. The only condition is that the trips must be made by a single driver in one month.
We remotely deactivate the unit. The unit remains your property and will be able to activate it later.
Depending on the type of car, a trip begins with the turn of the key or when the car's speed exceeds 4 km/h.

The car can be secured in the "Secure Car" section by turning on one of the ignition limitation modes – "Application Security" or "Parking the Car".

  • Application Security – when activated, the car can only be started if a legitimate user is connected by Bluetooth.
  • Parking the Car – permanently prevents car ignition.
  • Service Mode – ideal for use when the car is being serviced. The vehicle cannot be controlled via GSM, Notifications are temporarily disabled and "Application Security" is overridden so the car can be started without a connected application.
  • Warning – the user is notified on their phone about the movements of their car.

After logging in to the application, the user is asked if they want a PIN:

  • When opening the application – the PIN is required if the application is relaunched or the user is returning to the application running in the background.
  • When unlocking the car – the PIN must be entered if you click on Unlock in the application or Open Window when the car is locked.
  • Bluetooth driver authorisation – the PIN is required when the user connects to the vehicle.

The PIN is always required when changing the PIN setting and changing car security. The PIN is not required every time. If it was entered recently, the action will be performed without a PIN request.

If there is an adequate GSM signal at both the car and the phone, it takes about 8 seconds to deliver the command to the car. If the Service Mode is enabled, GSM control is disabled.
The initial fuel consumption of the vehicle is set at the service location during installation based on experience with the given car. Average vehicle fuel consumption can be set on the website in the "Vehicle Settings" section in Overview.

The application must be running to create the connection. If a PIN is not required or the user did not intentionally disconnect, the connection is created automatically in the background. If the selected vehicle does not automatically connect to the application when in range, the Bluetooth button in the upper-right corner of the application prompts you to click.

If you cannot connect to the car, check your phone to make sure Bluetooth is switched on. Still not working? Try clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of the app to check the status. If Bluetooth is turned on and you are still unable to establish a connection, try turning Bluetooth off and on again on your phone, and the app should start connecting. If you still cannot connect, close the application completely (even from the running application manager) and restart the app. If you still cannot connect after restarting the application, restart your phone.
If a user puts at least 5 litres of fuel in the car, a fuelling record is created automatically and can be modified later.

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