With Xmarton, your car has modern technology that is usually only available in fully equipped premium models. Xmarton connects your car to your mobile phone and helps you protect it against theft. It shows you where your car is located and if it is secured, and even lets you control your car using your phone. After starting the car, Xmarton can automatically turn off the START/STOP system. You can easily share your car with friends and family without handing over your keys.

Based on defined authorisation, you can view details of who drove your car and how, giving you a complete overview. If you use your car for business, our web portal lets you easily print out or export the trip log. Xmarton continues to develop new functions that are added to the application and web portal free of charge.

We offer three versions

It is up to you which services you wish to use.

The Basic option serves mainly for recording vehicle information. It includes a trip log, a record of the vehicle location and the management of access to vehicle information. Everything is clearly available on the portal and the mobile app.
The Standard version offers everything from the Basic version and provides additional vehicle information (status of speedometer, locks and doors). It also provides more frequent vehicle tracking and automatic fuel detection.
The Exclusive version allows you to use Xmarton to the fullest. You can secure your car against theft and you will have a detailed overview of who was driving the car and when. In the mobile application you can see the state of the speedometer, batteries, windows, doors and more. You can remotely control electric windows, door and boot locks and warning lights to easily locate your vehicle in a car park and safely immobilise your car when necessary. The trip log is available on both the portal and in the mobile application.

Sleep peacefully without worrying about your car

Xmarton watches your car wherever you are.

Xmarton monitors your vehicle in real-time and alerts you directly to suspicious activity! You can manage everything through Android or iOS.

  • Additional immobiliser that automatically enables ignition only for users authorised via Bluetooth
  • Option to disable ignition remotely
  • Communication using high-standard encryption
  • Phone-secured access to the car’s remote control
  • Keyless remote control secured against signal boosters
  • On-line monitoring of the car’s position
  • Completely hidden installation of the device and all accessories
  • Silent alarm sending notifications to your mobile devices
  • Monitoring vehicle intrusions by unauthorised persons
  • Monitoring security incidents such as car towing, disconnected battery and other security incidents
  • Backup power source for alarms and car monitoring, even when the battery is disconnected

Current position of the car

You know exactly where your car is at the given moment, anywhere in Europe.

Towing warning

We will let you know immediately if your car moves without the engine started.

Vehicle immobilisation

No one else can start your car without your permission.

Vehicle information on your mobile phone

Xmarton monitors the state of your car and helps prevent problems before they occur.

The mobile application allows you to track your car's status in real time. You needn’t worry about forgetting to close the windows, turn off the lights or even lock the car. The application also shows you how much fuel you have in the tank.

  • Automatic shutdown of the START/STOP system once a trip begins
  • Locking/unlocking your car
  • Enabling/disabling ignition
  • Opening/closing of the electric boot
  • Opening/closing of electric doors
  • Turning on warning lights
  • Opening/closing windows
  • Briefly turning on the lights
  • Voice control of your car for iOS (“Hey Siri!”)
The availability of this features depends on your car model.

Battery status

Xmarton monitors the state of your car battery, providing you up-to-date information.

Tank status

You will always know how much fuel is in the tank. Xmarton can also detect tanking.

Switching off START/STOP

Xmarton permits the automatic shutoff of the START/STOP system once the car begins to move.

Lights and windows

Xmarton alerts you to open windows and lights that have been left on. You can close the windows remotely.

Absolute overview

Simply view all of your trips and all of the trips taken in your car.

  • Current information about the vehicle (fuel, remaining distance, battery charge, doors closed and locked…)
  • On-line car position
  • Trip log with automatic identification of drivers
  • Combining and dividing trips
  • Trip details shown on map
  • Automatic refuelling detection
  • Option to keep track of costs
  • Event overview (ignition, doors opened/closed…)
  • Web interface and applications for iOS and Android

Xmarton records trip history, including speed and rest breaks. In the event of an accident, Xmarton calls for help or contacts assistance service. By tracking your car's current location, you will also know when the crew has reached the destination, even if they have not called.

Auto-detection of refuelling

Xmarton detects when you refuel and shows you the status of the tank in the application.

Clear statistics

You have an overview of all your operating costs in both the mobile app and on the web portal.

Trip history

Xmarton records all trips and information about them, such as speed, breaks and refuelling.