Electronic trip log

Vehicle monitoring

Automatic correction of data from the vehicle’s dashboard computer

Key features:

Management of vehicles and users in an intuitive system

User roles for easy permission allocation and quick overview

Secure and convenient sign-in

thanks to the ability to connect to a corporate SSO

Online communication within Europe

at no extra cost - coverage map

Hidden installation of the unit that does not block the OBD connector

Support of the Xmarton Exclusive unit

allowing users to secure, control and share a car without handing over their keys


  • On-line monitoring of current vehicle position
  • Detailed overview of trips shown on a map with the Street View function
  • Calculating fuel consumption and costs
  • Calculating expenses for private kilometres
  • Reports on operating parameters and costs

Trip log:

  • Automatic recording of trips
  • Automatic correction of distances and fuel amounts based on data from the vehicle’s dashboard computer
  • Automatic refuelling records and import of purchases from fuel cards
  • Differentiating between private and business trips, with the possibility of changing the mode by the driver
  • Option to make batch edits in the log
  • Printing and exporting the trip log in various formats

In 2018 we will launch:

  • Vehicle booking 
  • Keeping track of vehicle and driver deadlines
  • Creating travel orders and automatically calculating travel expenses
  • Comparing the amounts of purchased fuel with fuel added to the tank and monitoring fuel losses
  • Comparing the recorded route with the optimal route
  • Details of the driving styles of drivers

We offer three versions

It is up to you which services you wish to use.

The Basic option serves mainly for recording vehicle information. It includes a trip log, a record of the vehicle location and the management of access to vehicle information. Everything is clearly available on the portal and the mobile app.
The Standard version offers everything from the Basic version and provides additional vehicle information (status of speedometer, locks and doors). It also provides more frequent vehicle tracking and automatic fuel detection.
The Exclusive version allows you to use Xmarton to the fullest. You can secure your car against theft and you will have a detailed overview of who was driving the car and when. In the mobile application you can see the state of the speedometer, batteries, windows, doors and more. You can remotely control electric windows, door and boot locks and warning lights to easily locate your vehicle in a car park and safely immobilise your car when necessary. The trip log is available on both the portal and in the mobile application.

You can find price comparisons for each version in the price list.

Xmarton Business inquiry

If you would like to learn more about using Xmarton for your business,
leave us your contact information and our sales representative will get in touch with you.



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